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Category Changes on eBay

By Kamlesh Sharma

I have received some questions from readers asking if recent category changes by eBay will impact how listings show up in search.

So, this is a quick post for all those who have recently found that listings have been assigned to a new category automatically or who are unable to find the same category again while listing a new item.

eBay has recently made some changes where-in you may be asked to change category or eBay might have already changed item category without informing you.

Here there are 2 points I wish to share:

1. eBay is not your website. You can give feedback but cannot force them to make changes as per your own will. So, if they have made any changes, accept it.

2. When they make changes, they ensure that everything else as well get changes to ensure your item visibility in another category. If your item does not come up in search, they also lose their business. So, it’s as much a concern for them as well.

You can check this link to learn more about recent changes made by eBay.



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