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Advice for People in Their Early 20s

By Kam

A young woman in my neighbourhood told me recently about fears about the future: “I’m in my 20s and I’m trying to figure my future out. You might see me at the moment with a grim look because I am really stressed. I’m just wondering how to stop worrying. I’m moving from India to the UK and have no idea how to find a job, a place to live, etc.. I’m very much scared of the future, even though I have overcome obstacles before.”

The first thing I would say to her is: You are not alone. Lots of people, young and old, are afraid of the unknown, especially when things are not settled, everything’s up in the air. The same was true to me. The same was true to my brothers too at some point in time. The same is true to one of my cousins at the moment.

I have a cousin in her early 20s and had completed her graduation, … she has no idea what the future holds for her. Neither did I when I was young as I said. Future is full of uncertainties. Things are a little less scary for me these days, but I know what it’s like to be afraid of a wide-open, scary future.

But you want some practical advice, I’m sure. So let me do my best here.

Even when you are fully dis-oriented; fortunately, there is something you can still do even in the midst of all clashing thoughts of confusion. I am not the best advisor in the world, but I speak from my experience. If my experience can a guiding light for someone, that will be a reward to me in itself. I suggest youth to start at least Dropshipping wherever you are – India, the UK, the US, Australia or almost in any part of the world. It does not require any formal education. It does not require funds. It does not require even any experience because experience comes through learning and working.

Get Good at Learning Dropshipping

You don’t have a job, no fixed things to do, things are wide open … and that’s scary, but also an advantage. Your schedule is open, and you have immense possibilities to learn and even trying dropshipping.

The way to take advantage of it is to find drop shipping to get good at, and then get good at it. As good as you can… to see if this could be a hidden career for you. It turned out to be a hidden career for me.

And here’s more good news: it doesn’t really matter whether you want to continue. If you choose to do something different, just work for two years on dropshipping, and then discover you hate it … you can switch! If you ever fail in your dream career, remember you have drop shipping to fall back upon.

The time spent on dropshipping will never be wasted. You can return to it in the next few months or even years. Dropshipping can be your life-long companion. Those who have experienced it never regretted.

While you are young, I suggest starting dropshipping. You’ll build some momentum. You’ll start to love it because you start to get good at it. You start experiencing it. You start connecting with it. The feel, the comfort and benefits of it.

Connect With Interesting Dropshippers

I say the Dropshipper Community is a wonderful place to be at. Find drop shippers doing interesting things, meet up with them. Find people who are passionate, who are building a great business, who are pushing themselves, who dream big, who are mindful and joyful and healthy and friendly and shy and gregarious and adventurous and curious. Trust me, drop shippers are the most mysterious people and their lives are really interesting and their success story is exemplary.

Befriend them. These are people like me and you. These people will always help you have a wonderful dropshipping business by showcasing their style of doing business. You will see that there are millions of drop shippers who had lots of vague ideas and dreams and even tried, but eventually, they turned out to be drop shippers. They are the real inspiration. Their free will and stress-free life will help you set your soul free and live the life you have always dreamt. If you are introvert, just keep visiting Dropship Kam and stay connected. You will find a whole load of the world here.

My aim is always to lift you up, excite you, fill your life with meaning. I aim at making sincerity and joy your new normal. That’s how dropshippers are.

On Finances

You don’t have a job yet. That’s OK, but you need to find a way to make money. You can freelance, wash cars, drive for Uber, get a temp job, be an intern, it doesn’t matter. Find a way to pay rent, and ideally, learn some great skills while you’re making rent. These are no doubt good options. However, it’s always better to try your hands at dropshipping for finance for these purposes and while you do it, you will be building a strong foundation for your future and possibly for generations to come in more than one way.

If you already have a job and if it’s not your dream job, don’t let yourself get stuck in that job — keep your eyes open for something better. Start your own dropshipping business on the side if that’s your cup of tea. It helps you get finances.

Worrying About the Future

It’s normal to worry about the future, but probably the best antidote is to learn to shift your focus to what’s right in front of you, right now. If you have nothing else, dropshipping is the antidote. Try it if you still have nothing else.

This might seem like trite advice, but what happens is that you learn to turn from your anxiety about the future to noticing what’s around you in the present moment. And you realize that while the unknown future might seem scary, the present moment is just fine. Dropshipping is always a present.

You’ll find, from one moment to the next, that each moment is fine with it. You’ll start to develop a trust in the present moment when you have something new to discover, to learn about, to experience something. When this experience becomes the lifeline, that’s the ultimate antidote to all fears about even the future.

What I share here especially for people in their early 20s is something they should try. My focus here is to encourage youth. My experience has been wonderful though at a later stage. I always inspire people to live a better life. But as I always say, knowing is one thing, doing is another thing… I invite the youth to try dropshipping. Remember, it costs nothing and it has a lot for you to unfold.

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