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Can I Dropship from Amazon to eBay?

By Kamlesh Sharma

Can I Dropship from Amazon to eBay?

While Dropshipping can be a rewarding career, I find that aspiring dropshippers generally feel lost and confused about Amazon to eBay dropshipping call it Amazon to eBay arbitrage.

One of the questions that often haunt them most is if Amazon to eBay dropshipping is allowed and is legal.

Before I proceed further, let me assure you that there are thousands of Arbitragers who are buying from Amazon and selling on eBay. Let me also assure you that this is the best dropshipping option one can have if they wish to sell on eBay.

Let’s consider some benefits of Amazon to eBay dropshipping:

  1. Fast shipping. In most cases, Amazon will deliver in a single day say for the UK markets.
  2. Best Packaging. If you know, Amazon packaging is the best compared to others which safeguards the item in transit.
  3. You can arrange a door-step pick up for buyers for free if there’s an issue with the item.
  4. If buyer opens a dispute or asks for a refund, you can ask Amazon for the same and so you are never at loss.

eBay has recently come out with a 15-minute article to say, sellers must use a Supplier for dropshipping, not a retailer or any marketplace for dropshipping. That means, as long as their system is unable to identify where you are buying the items from, there’s no way to get your account flagged.

What problem does eBay have with dropshipping from Amazon?
Officially, they have not yet named Amazon from where they will not allow dropshipping. Possible reasons could be:

There might be other reasons as well.

How does eBay know I am dropshipping?
They never know unless you tell them. eBay and all such marketplaces use sophisticated tools which monitors your account for any breach of policy etc. Now, let’s say, you mention Item location to be Leicester and their system detected your tracking number first got scanned in London, your system might get flagged assuming you are dropshipping from a retailer. eBay wants you to specify correct item location, but being an Amazon eBay arbitrager, your item first tracking scan will always keep on changing.

Can it be avoided?
Yes, you can choose not to add any tracking number.

While browsing through eBay site, I have come across an online store where the seller is a dropshipper and uses Amazon to supply products. The account is not flagged, has good sales. Let’s have a look at these screenshots.

Click here for Seller account
Click here for sales for one item in September
Click here for Proof of dropshipping from Amazon

So,  you can see how Amazon to eBay dropshipping is still a popular dropshipping model for smart dropshippers.

The only difference between this seller and you is that they are doing and you are still thinking.

The doors are kept wide open! It is upto you now if you want to allow grace come in or you shut the doors and then complain.

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