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Dream Bigger than Dropshipping

By Kam

Being a dropshipper is not my greatest goal in life. It is not my greatest obsession. I dream much bigger dreams for my life. Don’t be surprised yet because I am talking about end products.

Like most of us, I am also passionate about my inner satisfaction, my soul, my wife, my kid, my friends, solving problems, and influencing others for good and my other interests. I want to live a significant, meaningful life that makes the most of the potential and opportunities I have been given. My belief is that you too have some end goals.

I will focus on these priorities above everything else. They are my ultimate goals. They are the most important to me and the most important for the world around me. These all can come through dropshipping when dropshipping has the potential to help you lead that significant life.

So, in short, and in that sense: I am a husband, a father, and a human bring first. I am a dropshipper second.

Dropshipping is a means to that very end. Remember, Dropshipping is a means to an end, but it is not the end itself.

Dropshipping simplifies life. It focuses our energies on things that matter. But obsessing about dropshipping begins to complicate it again. And I refuse to allow it to define my life. My desire is that my business will never be a burden to me, whether in abundance or lack.

At the end of my life, I want to hear my child say, “You were a good father, not that you were good at being a dropshipper,” I want people to remember me as a friend and servant and someone who stayed focused on the needs of others, not as a dropshipper.

Therefore, I choose dropshipping. It is very important. But it will never become an obsession. It will define my lifestyle, but not my life.

I invite you: Dream big dreams with your life. Dream bigger dreams than just dropshipping. Pursue greater achievements with your newfound time, energy, and money.

Dropshipping is not the finish line. It is only a manner of arriving there.

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