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Dropshipping: a journey from zero-to-the-millions

By Kam

Dropshipping is a zero-to the-millions story for thousands of people around the globe, irrespective of which part of the world they are in. It has dramatically changed the way business is done online today. As dropshipping does not require any upfront investment from sellers, this model of business is gaining acceptance far and wide and people from every walk of life are a part of it. The drop shippers whom I have personally known are from different backgrounds. They are Doctors, Writers, Bloggers, reporters, Students, Home-makers, Retired people and many others…

Some of these drop shippers had started their dropshipping journey when they were on the verge of going broke with no hope left; while many of these successful drop-shippers who now have a thriving business had embarked on this journey intentionally owing to having no jobs for a long time. A good number of these wanted to say goodbye to their 9-12 hours of daily office jobs due to the meagre salary they were working for and despite that, they were bound to live from hand to mouth. The reason is very simple – A few dollars a week do not go too far. Some were inquisitive and self-motivated and wanted to try their hands at dropshipping. I can say one thing for all these people – All those who tried it never regretted their decision as they have put it to me. More or less, each one of them is now successfully running their dropshipping business for several months and even years now. Now, they are richer, happier, more satisfied, more inspired and sharing their success stories with others.

I feel amused when one says he earned $100.00 while eating at Mac Donald’s. I may feel amused, but I am not surprised because I know dropshipping works almost in an automation mode and they do keep earning even while they are eating, sleeping, watching a movie, swimming or simply hanging out at their favourite pub. Yes, this is so because they have the freedom to work at their own pace and what all they need is just a laptop and internet connection.

The primary reason why I chose to dropship was a constant fear of being insecure financially. I am married with a kid and even the slightest thought of losing the job terrified me. Then came the D-Day and rest is history. If you are fortunate enough to have heard of ‘Dropshipping’, I invite you to this wonderful journey that promises a lot and does deliver it. It has delivered a lot more to me than I ever thought. It has brought many a life at ease. For several thousand, it is a full-time source of income. These stories are truly inspirational. If so many people can change their lives, you too can do it.

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