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Freedom is the Supreme Joy

By Kamlesh Sharma

Freedom is the Supreme joy. – Kamlesh

I consider myself a brand ambassador of dropshipping business and enjoy every opportunity to promote it.

To me, dropshipping is not just a word or business model. It has been a synonym for freedom. 

Freedom means an elbow room to work, freedom means to speak to your kid even while at work, freedom means to take 10-minutes off to whisper sweet nothings into your partner’s ears, freedom means to stay at home when you want to simply watch your favourite cricket match… freedom means to live each and every moment at your own will. This is what one is born for, to live a free life.

Dropshipping has given me and my family a new meaning of life. We are all born, but birth is not life. Life is in living and when I was working like a robot at the instructions of a boss, I was not living.

I see misery among those who are not Self-employed. More than 90% of misery comes when one chooses to work for others. This is natural when you have to catch a bus to be ‘on time’ in office, work ‘under pressure’ without asking questions and have to agree unwillingly to the cancellation for your pre-planned leaves.

Even when one works hard, bosses are generally unhappy. At least this is what I would feel when I was working under a boss. I felt I was investing in misery.

Making a decision to start a business by giving up a stable job is for gamblers. I say, “Be a gambler!”.

Do not get me wrong! When I ask to be a gambler, I just ask them to take their first step towards freedom which is their birth-right. I do not want them to die one day without even realizing that they could bring about a revolution in their lives. I want them to know that their potential is way too much and they must live up to it. Majority of employees could never change their lives because they never dared to…

When one chooses to drop-ship, they have turned a new leaf of life.  As soon as you have made a firm decision to dropship, an amazing sense of peace descends immediately and prevails.

One needs to empty oneself from the thought of being tied to regular jobs. Freedom brings individuality. Individuality gives you mastery; it makes you authentic, grounded and rooted. Your uniqueness lies in choosing your own career and destiny.

This article is not for those who are happy with their jobs under a boss. This is for who want to live a worry-free, stress-free and above all boss-free life.

I invite you to embark on this beautiful new journey if you have not yet!

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