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How to Start a Dropshipping Business in 2019

By Kam

Never stop dreaming! – Roy Bennett

Many of us dream of starting a dropshipping  business. If you are one of them, congratulations!

I will be very specific here and share how you can start your dropshipping business.

Generally, I classify dropshippers according to their levels:

1. Entry-level or Aspiring dropshippers.
2. Intermediate level dropshippers
3. Advanced dropshipper

This article is for Entry-level dropshippers, who are just learning to fly from the ground up. If you are one who has always wanted to become an entrepreneur and now thinking of dropshipping, I am more than happy to assist you. My article will help you start your new business.

Any business you start requires your time, efforts, and resources. Fortunately, dropshipping business model requires minimum of all these. It is still important to ensure that you do not end up losing your time, efforts, and money after something that will not help you at the beginners’ level.

When I type “dropshipping business” and do a Google search, the first top results are from Shopify, Oberlo, BigCommerce to name a few.

Remember, these are all influencers. I do not recommend them to any new dropshipper. The contents are written by talented content writers that deliver high-quality content for their websites and that do drive results for these big names. Such content really has high influencing capability.

However, it does not mean at all that they will drive the same results for your business.

There are thousands of aspiring dropshippers who get trapped and end up losing time and money and above all confidence.

As one picks and starts reading such random dropshipping contents, they are introduced to dropshipping business concept and slowly but cautiously, they market their free trial.

Remember, a free trial is a dangerous offering. It is their marketing strategy to gain for their business, not to run your business.

You sign up for a free trial using your email address (which is used to persuade you to go for paid service), add a few items to your online store and try to get a hang of how to run an online store.

Soon, your free trial gets over even before you understand all aspects of an online store and you end up having a half-open, half-closed store. To move any further, you are bound to pay for a domain, hosting, marketing, resources and I say most of these fail because of many vital factors missing.

You, being a new aspiring dropshipper invest your time, put in efforts and even pay for even their services, wait for a month or two and end up selling nothing or one or two items. By this time, you have exhausted your efforts and your dream seems a distant reality… you simply give up!

I do not want any aspiring dropshipper to give up and stop dreaming!

My first suggestion:
Do not fall in the trap of any Shopify/Oberlo/BigCommerce or any.

Secondly, if you are a fresher, do not do enrol for any course that suggests you start an online business by owning your own website. Do not get tempted by so called ‘student success stories’. It is quite -understandable that turning down courses that promise 7-figure income is not always easy. Such courses are anywhere between US$250 to over US$ 2,000 and offer to pay in parts. But I still say do not fall in trap with such courses, not at least if you are just a beginner and have not made any profits from dropshipping.

My suggestion is to try dropshipping without getting trapped. There is a very thin line between spending judiciously and wasting money

My Recommendation:

Start dropshipping on eBay!

eBay is a huge marketplace and it is very probable, you would end up selling your first items very soon and listing is free. So, you have a ready-made marketplace full of millions of buyers where you can list and sell items. eBay can be a great alternative for a standalone website which will require a lot of your efforts, money and challenges.

Find a Reliable supplier:
Once you have chosen where to sell your items, the next steps should be to find a Supplier(s). It is very important to have reliable suppliers that have items in stock and that can ship items within 24 hours.

Understanding eBay Rules:
For eBay sellers, it is important to know how to keep the account in good health. While selling on eBay can give you a beginner’s luck, not complying with eBay rules can result in disaster. The marketplace is very strict about seller non-performance which disqualifies a seller permanently.

With these above steps, anyone with or without any prior drop-shipping business will succeed.

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