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Is Dropshipping Allowed on eBay?

By Kam

Is Dropshipping Allowed on eBay?

This is a tricky question and a Confusion has always arisen among eBay sellers when it comes to Dropshipping. One of my old friends who is a Drop shipper on eBay wanted to clarify the confusion and got in touch with their customer support. They said, “Dropshipping is not allowed on eBay.”

The next day, he again got touch with them just to ask “Why?” The response from eBay came as a surprise as it was a Positive one. eBay sellers have recently been quite confused about dropshipping on eBay.

Until a few years ago, it was quite a norm to dropship. However, now when eBay is taking actions on accounts for dropshipping, let’s dive deep and learn more about it to play it safe and keep growing…

What is Dropshipping?
Drop shipping is a kind of product sourcing, where-in one can sell items on eBay without ever handling the items himself. Under Drop shipping, you fulfil orders directly from a wholesale supplier or manufacturer.

Is Dropshipping Allowed on eBay?
Yes, Drop shipping is allowd on eBay as long as the products are sourced from and orders are directly fulfilled from a wholesale supplier or manufacturers.

Can I drop ship from another retailer or marketplace?
eBay does not allow drop shipping from another retailer or marketplace.

What if I fulfil orders from another retailer or marketplace?
To be frank, this is not allowed and not suggested. If this policy is breached, it may result in removal of your listings from search, or eBay may display them lower in search results, or even remove them completely from the site. It may lead to even restriction or permanent suspension of eBay account.

Is Amazon to eBay arbitrage allowed?
Amazon is a marketplace and eBay does not allow drop shipping from another retailer or marketplace including Amazon.

How will eBay know I drop ship from a retailer or another marketplace?
eBay has several sophisticated tools to recognise if you use a retailer or marketplace as your supplier.

Of course, as this world is full of loopholes; there are many loopholes in this system as well. There are sellers out there hunting for such loopholes and they still might be taking advantage of it. They are still successfully drop shipping without fulfilling orders from Wholesale suppliers or manufacturers.

If you dropship on eBay, I do hope this article will help you know what eBay policies say and what you should do. You can check even their Help page from this link.

If you have got any questions… just write to me here.

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