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Seven Ways Dropshipping Will Improve Your Life

By Kam

On this day, four years ago, I was introduced to dropshipping.

Almost immediately, I made a decision that changed my life dramatically: I decided to sign up for an account to sell items right in my office where I was working.

As I think about that decision now, 4 years later, I realize that decision has only changed my life for the better. Over the course of the next six months, we had already increased our income by 40% – 50% working from our home. And to this day, I cannot think of a single negative effect or outcome that has occurred because of choosing to embrace and pursue dropshipping.

My life changed while I was assisting a customer online in my office. It was a Memorial Day Weekend, a weekend I intended to spend with my family…

Because that Saturday was a nice day, my 3-year-old baby was playing by herself with a balloon. As I started stepping out of the home to go to the office, she came running up to me asking me to play with her. As usual, I kept pushing her off while I was getting late for my office.

At one point, I started talking to myself, complaining about how much life had gone into my office job. However, one customer changed my life with one sentence when he replied, “Maybe we don’t need to work as hard as you do and I used to do. Start dropshipping!”

At that moment, I realized something very significant. I realized that everything I was doing was not making me happy, nor my life fulfilling. But even more, I realized that everything I was doing was taking me away from life far from joy, life and fulfilment.

It was an 8-minute conversation that changed my life only for the good.

Here are some of the most significant ways dropshipping has improved my life—and can improve yours as well:

1. I have more intentionality in my life.

Dropshipping, above everything else, brings greater intentionality in our lives. This is so because you own it and you have a sense of ownership and responsibility.

2. I have more time and money than ever before.

Life is made up of finite resources— family, life, love, money, time, energy (just to name a few). By eliminating the number of hours we worked for others in our previous jobs, we found many of those finite resources more available than ever before.

3. I have more passion for living.

As an old saying goes, “A fulfilled life is a passionate life.” A life spent pursuing things that matter breathes energy and momentum into our days. It is not difficult to wake up in the morning when you know your days count for something greater than yourself. Starting my own Dropshipping business redirected my life’s energy toward pursuits of greater significance than a hired employee—and spurred more passion because of it.

4. I compare myself less with other people.

We waste so much time and energy comparing our lives to others specially when we work in a company. We compare our designation and salary with our co-workers. There is no joy to be found there. Spending all of our time thinking about these people and so-called designation leads us nowhere that can change our lives significantly and causes us to miss having the opportunity of owning our own business and the benefits it can tender. The comparison makes us feel we are missing out on something—even though there may be short-lived joy right in front of us. Since finding Dropshipping, I compare myself less with other people—at least in terms of designation and salary. It gives us the opportunity to always earn more than what a Boss can pay

5. I have discovered hidden talents and passions.

Dropshipping not only changes our talents or skills but also it does open up the opportunity to pursue them in ways we hadn’t imagined before. In the process, it may unearth hidden talents and passions we never knew existed before. Writing is the best example in my life. This fuels even more passion for living. My this Blog is another such example.

6. I am leaving an example for my kids they will never forget.

Dropshipping gives me an opportunity to model for my children that working tirelessly for others is not the key to happiness, that security is found in our own Business, discipline and skills that we learn over time working for our own sake. These are valuable life lessons I hope will shape their decisions far into the future.

7. I have grown in my faith and spirituality.

I don’t like writing much about my personal faith and spirituality. But as I look back over four years of Dropshipping, I can’t overlook the impact and influence that Dropshipping has had on my spirituality—not that it has changed my faith, but it has certainly brought new depth to it. And for that, I am eternally grateful. It has helped me get hundreds of hours free time to meditate even deeper making my life happier and more satisfied

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