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Transform Your Life through Dropshipping

By Kamlesh Sharma

Dropshipping is a new Alchemy. – Kamlesh

Sometimes, I come across people who ask, “How to take out time for family and kids when all my time goes into my job?” I say to them, “Dropship!”

Job never gives freedom to anyone. Never heard of that… Bosses buy your time to pursue their own dreams and it steals all small and big pleasure of life even before they come.

No, you would need to think again if you want to have a new life. If you had a Boss a few years ago and if you still have one… it is time to seriously think about it.

Job itself can never bring peace and free time. Jobs are designed in such a way that they hardly leave any breathing space and programme your mind in such a way that you start feeling this is the very nature of a job.

The very nature of the job is to be tense, to be in confusion. It does not let even mind have clarity. You are hardly left with any time to think, plan and execute any projects which you have always dreamt of at some point of your time.

While I do not deny the fact that when you have a job, it is difficult to resign from the job and start working on a project which may or may not work for you. Then, you have a family to support, need finance to pay off daily bills… I do understand the dilemma. You fear to lose your job and ending up in debt. Unknown is risky.

Dropshipping does not ask you to do any such thing… you can embark on this beautiful journey as a part-timer and with no investment. All you need to do is have a computer with internet connectivity.

Once you have got a taste of success in dropshipping, it would be a hard thing to turn it down and then, you can fully declare your freedom from a boss’ domain and be your own Boss. I call it Supreme understanding because it truly sets you free.

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