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Understanding and Avoiding Defects on eBay

By Kam

Online marketplaces are a boon to millions of entrepreneurs. This is where your potential buyers flock together and give you an opportunity to fuel your business and grow it. Small and big entrepreneurs are thriving because of eBay. It is a full-time job for many sellers who have to support families.

eBay and all such marketplaces act as an intermediary and connect the sellers and the buyers. It is important to understand that if there are no buyers, there would be no sellers. This is yet another reason why buyers are generally protected by these big platforms.

Sellers are expected to ensure that their buyers are 100% satisfied. To ensure this, they have formed some policies for sellers to comply with.

eBay being an online marketplace ensures that only the sellers who are fully committed to buyers’ satisfaction only can sell on its platform. So, they have laid down some policies. When buyers’ satisfaction score goes down and sellers do not meet their Metrics set by eBay, they start  noticing an impact on their account.

eBay evaluates sellers at 3 levels.

1. Top-rated

2. Above standard

3. Below standard

‘Above standard’ is your default seller level when you sell your first item. If your grow your business, you can move to eBay Top-rated Seller status. You must ensure that you never fall Below Standard.

What’s worst is that if your fall Below Standard, your might be restricted from using eBay platform for good and their sophisticated system will not allow you to create another seller account .

So, sellers must ensure they meet these seller metrics at any cost. It is in your hands only before it goes out of control.

What causes a defect?

  1. Late delivery:  Sellers are required to enter their Dispatch time on listing form when they create a listing. If you mention say 2 days Dispatch time and ship the item late, it causes a defect.
    So, dispatch the item on or before Dispatch time.
  2. If you cancel a transaction by selecting Out of Stock, it causes a defect. Ensure that you do not list the item that you do not have.
  3. If a buyer opens a dispute, you have 8 days to mutually resolve it. If you do not resolve it within 8 days and buyer escalates it to eBay and if the case closes in buyer’s favour, you receive a defect.
    Ensure to resolve it with the buyer within 8 days even if you have to make a refund for no fault of yours.

If you take care of these above 3 points, you would never fall Below Standard and can continue to do business smoothly.

As for the last Metric, I must admit that sellers are not at fault all the time. My suggestion is that eBay sellers should see the bigger picture. Understand that 10% buyers may be rogue, but these 10% buyers can spoil your entire online business. So, make a refund, and block them for future.

It is never a bad idea to lose £10.00 to earn £90.00

I want every eBay sellers (dropshippers and non-dropshippers) to learn how these metrics work and meet them. If wish to know where you stand at the moment, you can check your eBay dashboard.

While it is good to dream and earn, it is equally important to understand risk factors and minimize them for continuous growth.

Be conscious of how you use eBay and you’ll find your quality of doing business will improve in fascinating ways.

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