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Ways To Make More Money while Dropshipping

By Kam

Savings in business is a great skill. –Kam

Savings in business is a great skill and has always been very close to my heart. It becomes even more important when your expenses and fees are going too high. I have always used these extra earnings to expand my business and today when I look back, I find it has been one of the wisest decisions I have ever made in business.

If you are an Amazon to eBay arbitrageur, there are many ways you can save your money. Remember, one penny saved is one penny earned.  Here are some important tips that will help every eBay sellers add some more money to their wallet and boost earnings. You can always use these tricks to your advantage.

While how much you save will depend on your business volume, I can guarantee that you would surely be able to save something each month. Let’s have a look at how one can save on eBay.

1. Free Listings:

eBay private sellers receive 1000 free listings each month. That means, you can save £0.35/listing and if you have 1000 live listings, they can save up to whooping £350.00/month.

2. Sell for £1 Max!:

eBay sends ‘Sell for £1 Max!’ promotion to its private sellers from time to time. This is the best time to list high-priced items and enjoy the max capping of £1 on Final Value Fee on each successful sale made within the next 30 days.  Now, if you sell say 10 items each for £50.00, you stand a chance to save £40.00 each month.

3. Become an Amazon Prime Member:

When you become an Amazon UK Prime member, you can ship your items for free to buyers. Even if you are charging postage to the buyer, you can save it by becoming a Prime member.

4. Cashback:

If you are buying from Amazon and selling on eBay, you can buy those items for a Cashback. It’s always an excellent move.  Average eBay drop shippers save up to £350/month.  Sign up here for Cashback.

5. Amazon Coupons:

You can look for items on Amazon that have coupons and avail of discounts when the item is bought.

6. List items from Amazon Warehouse Deals and receive great deals on quality used products.

If you love freedom and have still not started dropshipping, I invite you to this beautiful life-changing business. Sign up here for free inspirational dropshipping articles and tips.

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