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What to do When eBay Buyer Does not pay

By Kam

Genuine buyers are the real business Assets – Kamlesh

If you are selling or have ever sold on eBay, you may have come across the situation where the buyer bought the item and never paid. Non-payment from an eBay buyer becomes a menace for the sellers. Dealing with non-paying buyers becomes indispensable. When there’s so much to focus on to grow your business, it is important that such buyers never cross the path and waste your time which you could better utilize.

This 2-minute article will help you become a smart dropshipper on eBay.

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Now, let’s understand when buyers can simply buy and do not pay.

  1. Auction listing:
    If you are selling your items in Auction, potential buyers place a bid. Once the listing ends, the winning bidder may never end up paying.
  2. Best Offer:
    You may have noticed that some sellers allow you to send them offers. This is called Best Offer which sellers add to their listing to allow potential buyers to send an offer.

There are buyers out there who send the offer, but never pay once the seller has accepted the offer.

Can we avoid non-paying buyers on eBay?

Absolutely! If you sell with Buy It Now (Fixed price)  format without selecting Best Offer (Make offer) option and opt for ‘Immediate Payment’ on listing page, buyers will never to able to purchase your item unless they first make the payment. I do hope this new insight will save your time, efforts and of course non-paying buyers.

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