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Why We Work for Others

By Kam

“Carpe diem. Seize the day, boys. Make your lives extraordinary.”? Tom Schulman

I do not believe it. In fact, nobody really believes it. Nobody really believes regular work equal joy. In fact, if specifically asked the question, nobody in their right mind would ever say the secret to a joyful, meaningful life is to have a regular job. Deep down in their heart, nobody really thinks it’s true. Yet almost all of us live like it is. This is how almost all of us have made our lives miserable.

From the moment we are born, we are told to go to school, graduate and have regular work. This is how we can survive, this is how our forefathers had survived. This is how our neighbourhood has survived, our mentors have survived. This is how everyone has survived. Teachers, parents, society and almost everyone scream to us on a daily basis that a regular job is much-needed for our own existence and to support a family where we have stability.

When the entire world has a certain mindset, challenging the status quo terrifies us and creates a fear of being isolated. As a result, we start spending countless hours working for someone else as if we were born for others. We start clipping our own wings and lose our own sky which has already been there for us to fly high.

And we end up looking for jobs that pay just enough money so we can spend our adult lives purchasing comforts. Comfort is not a synonym for peace and freedom. You can have the comfort of an imported car, but you can’t have peace out of it when you have a nagging Boss. We are hardly taught to be our self-employed and the benefits it can deliver. They have every reason not to trust it. A few might be lucky to have a different perspective, but I am talking about the majority.

We all know happiness does not come when you work countless hours for someone else. This is not a good life anyway. Just that we’ve just been told the lie so many times, we begin to believe it—without even noticing.

As a result,

But we can do better.

There is a better way to live life available to us. One that intentionally recognizes the empty promises of regular jobs promising growth opportunities and a friendly working environment, but never delivers it. My friends and relatives very often keep complaining of their workplace that looks like an arena of politics and partiality.

Dropshipping for me champions the pursuit of living with only the most essential possessions needed for life and which recognizes the need for giving you more life, more peace and of course more money. It champions generosity. It boldly declares there is more joy in being your own boss than getting one that changes the direction of your life and leads you to where he wants. Remember, if you do not build up your dreams Now, someone else will soon hire you to build theirs.

Dropshipping is, in many ways, an invitation to this new way of life. It can not be forced. It can not be mandated. It may never become entirely mainstream. But it is willing to embrace all who accept it.

Dropshipping removes unneeded stress, hectic schedules, feeling of insecurity and reveals newfound freedom in life. It changes the way we spend our hours, our energy, and our money. It changes how and where we focus our attention and our minds. It changes the way we think. It impacts the very foundation of our lives.

It frees us up to pursue the things in the life of lasting value. I have never found anything with so lasting value. And it may just line up with everything your heart has been telling you all along. Because deep down, we all know, we were designed for something better.

As a society and as individuals, we can do better.

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